Chronic Care Management

Improving Chronic Illness Care

Chronic care conditions are among the most common expensive and preventable healthcare problems in United States. Annually helping these patients manage their conditions between office visits, you probably haven’t been reimbursed for, but now you can be. Recently the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services began a new chronic care management program that reimburses for non-face-to-face monthly consultation with Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions. This program requires a minimum of 20 minutes of clinical staff time per month directed by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. By meeting CMS requirements you can bill an average of $42.60 per month per patient which can significantly impact your bottom line.

But to run a program like this you have to bear substantial cost for clinical consultation, additional time for documentation and billing and since compliance is essential for reimbursement, meeting all program elements on your own may require further technology investments and additional staff. This could become costly. But what if there is a way to participate in program yet avoid the upfront costs and additional staff and technology here is where HQ Analytics comes in. Our chronic care management services provide step by step approach that will help you control costs, generate additional revenue and provide excellent patient-centered care.

Our nursing and other clinical support staff will act as an extension of the physician office with virtually no upfront costs or additional staff. We will talk monthly by telephone with your Medicare patents about a range of topics that are related to their chronic conditions such as care plan goals, medication adherence and family support. We will also maintain proper documentation, share records appropriately and provide invoices. By meeting CMS billing requirements we can help you capture revenue that might have otherwise been missed. Let our team provide the quality chronic care coordination and resources that put your organization on the road to value based care.

Key Features

  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Shareable patient-centric care plan
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef 24/7 access to care
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef 20 minutes of non-face-to-face care per month
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Secure coordination and messaging across care team and patient
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Support of care transitions

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