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The requirement to process information has been exponential, as businesses flourish. Most companies, swamped with work, are pressed to invest in non-core, mundane and repetitive Data-Entry functions, including copying and pasting data, documenting legal information as well as data enrichment. Data-entry, although a crucial component of the information processing operations in most corporate organizations, is a non-core procedure that can be easily outsourced to any HIPAA compliant location.

HQ Analytics combine its sound technical expertise and insights with profound process knowledge, providing a broad portfolio of Document Management services to companies that are bogged down by huge volumes of data and find it extremely challenging to handle the same. We deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers and optimize their operational efficiency, allowing them to concentrate more on their core processes. This module includes following but not limited to:

Key Features

  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Incorporate Coding from Faxes
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Incorporate Medical Records
  • Bullets 4033f14a8b7a9f2b4aa8134989ab7170088a55266068d408e2ab4094da6573ef Posting of Results

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