Dental Billing and Coding

Billing and Coding

Dental insurance verification can become quite a tiresome process for most dental service providers. To most of them the process of verifying and calculating customer's benefits, claims, co-payments, etc. is not only time consuming process but, also affects the quality of their service. HQ Analytics provides comprehensive dental insurance verification and billing services. We ensure that you never have to be bothered about processing insurance verification, claim submission requirements, AR follow up, and on time payment posting.

Dental Insurance Verification

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Claim Submission Process
Make sure to send all required documents for claim processing to get the payments without any delay due to missing information or documentation.

Account Receivable follow up
Follow up on claims which are in AR bucket of more than 40 to 60 days.

Payment Posting
Keeping Track of Fee Schedule Updates Posting of received EFT/Check in timely manner to maintain AR

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